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Afcool Heat Exchangers supplier of Onda Heat Transfer Solutions for Africa

Onda Heat Exchangers


ONDA Advanced Heat Transfer Solutions has been solely represented in South Africa since 2007 by AFCOOL HEAT EXCHANGERS..

Afcool Heat Exchangers are able to specify and deliver Onda heat transfer solutions to any refrigeration project in Africa, we would be happy to assist you with any enquiries that you may have.

ONDA is a leading Italian company specialising in the production of Heat Exchangers for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  

AFCOOL HEAT EXCHANGERS offers the following ONDA products:

shell tube heat exchanger
gasketed heat exchanger




Onda Heat Transfer Solutions

Afcool is the sole supplier of Onda Heat Transfer Solutions for Africa. Afcool specify and deliver Onda Heat Transfer Solutions to any refrigeration or airconditioning project in Africa. Please contact us for a quote for your HVAC&R project - big or small. Onda Heat Transfer Solutions is a leading Italian company specialising in the production of Heat Exchangers for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.




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aluminium coils
plate of a BPHE
copper replacement coils - smaller

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