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The main applications of "C" series Shell & Tubes condensers are the condensation of refrigerant gas in the air conditioning and refrigeration plants and heat recovery. In standard conditions "C" shell & tube condensers have a heat capacity between 10 kW and 2 MW. Our standard tubes are copper however we can offer both CuNi for marine application and Stainless steel for corrosive areas.

Onda - Shell and Tube Condensers


Shell & Tube General

We can offer loose or welded mounting supports, waterside counter flanges, vitraulic connections and insulation. Each exchanger undergoes a pressure test on the refrigerant side (as well as a differential test when more than a single circuit) and water side according to the ONDA standards or different Code procedures. The safety requirement for a shell & tube pressure vessels are assured by strictly following the main European Codes during the design, choice and use of materials, manufacturing and controls, pressure test and final documentation.








aluminium coils
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plate of a BPHE
copper replacement coils - smaller

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