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The main applications of our dry-expansion exchangers are the cooling of water, glycol or brine solutions in refrigeration plants as well as the hot water production in heat pumps. Onda cater for the majority of HCFC’s and HFCs refrigerants and certain models are optimized for certain refrigerants i.e R134a chiller applications. The ONDA shell & tube evaporators have a cooling capacity range from 15kw to 1400 kW with options on 1 to 4 refrigerant circuits. The water connections standard position is vertical, but on request can be placed horizontally, at right (DX) or left (SX) side when facing the refrigerant header. Certain models have the advantage that the entire tube bundle can be removed for cleaning or for easy replacement.

Onda - Shell and Tube Condensers


Manufacture of a Heat Exchanger

MATERIALS The quality of the materials used to manufacture ONDA exchangers satisfy the requirements of the European pressure vessels Codes. The standard type construction of the shell & tube exchangers consists of following materials carbon steel for header, tube sheet, shell, refrigerant and water connections; copper tubes; brass or carbon steel for the baffles; asbestos free gaskets; bolts made of alloys steel. On request, other materials compatible with our production facilities can be used including Stainless steel or Titanium for the tubes and stainless steel for the shell.

Shell & Tubes General

We can offer loose or welded mounting supports, waterside counter flanges, vitraulic connections and insulation. Each exchanger undergoes a pressure test on the refrigerant side (as well as a differential test when more than a single circuit) and water side according to the ONDA standards or different Code procedures. The safety requirement for a shell & tube pressure vessels are assured by strictly following the main European Codes during the design, choice and use of materials, manufacturing and controls, pressure test and final documentation.








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